What is a worm farm?

A worm farm is a place where worms can live and breed, safe from predators including birds and rodents. The worms live off green kitchen waste that we feed them every day and they generate worm casts and liquid fertiliser called “worm tea”.


Why do we have a worm farm?

Worm farming is a form of community recycling. Every day we generate a lot of green kitchen waste that would otherwise be thrown out and go to landfill. This is polluting and unnecessary. By creating this worm farm we can recycle all our green kitchen waste and turn it to good use by feeding the by-products of worm casts and worm tea back to the plants growing in the garden.

We remove the lid and place our green waste inside the top layer of the worm farm. We keep it moist by giving it a sprinkle of water every day. The worms feed on this waste, generating worm casts that fall into the second layer of the structure and worm tea (liquid fertiliser) that is collected in the tray in the bottom layer of the worm farm.

Both the worm casts and the liquid worm tea are highly nutritious plant food. When applied to the garden, this helps our garden plants to grow and be healthy.


How do I join the worm farm?

You can join our worm farm community by emailing us here:


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