kgs-rulesThe byelaws, or rules, of the gardens are summarised here and are displayed at each gate to the large garden. They are designed to preserve the garden and protect it for all garden users. Some of the main points are:

– No Littering. PLEASE take your rubbish with you! There is no garden cleaner.

– Barbecues and gatherings. These are allowed, please see Parties for more information.

– No pets in the garden. This is to keep the place clean and prevent any harassment to those of us who aren’t animal lovers. It also prevents the bedding plants being trampled.

– No ball games. This is a safety issue and is also designed to protect the turf and the bedding plants. There are a lot of babies and toddlers In the square and we need to avoid inquiries. Ball games damage bedding plants and disturb the peace for other users of the garden. If you wish to play ball games, Hyde Park is just a few minutes walk away.