Each week we collect a phenomenal amount of plastic in this garden that blows in off the streets and especially from the communal rubbish bins on the corners of the Square.

Analysis of this waste shows that 90% of it comes from the local supermarkets.

The deleterious effects of plastic in our environment are well known.

For a species that prides itself on being so smart, humans are not all smart to fill our land and seas with waste plastic.

We possess the technology to replace plastic with more environmentally friendly alternatives and we have the necessary tools in government policy to enforce change.

The next time you get an opportunity to talk to your local member of Parliament, ask them what their policy on plastic waste is.

Don’t let them fob you off with a story about how they passed a law forcing supermarkets to charge for plastic shopping bags.

That was last year’s progress.

Ask them what their plans are to continue making progress this year.

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