Parties and barbeques are required to be booked in advance. We are happy for such gatherings to take place in the garden however we stipulate that all parties or BBQ events are booked and the requisite fee is paid in advance (see below). The fee includes a refundable deposit to cover the cost of damages should there be any problems. We request your BBQ unit is placed on the gravel, not the grass and all rubbish is removed afterwards, all tables and chairs returned to their original positions. Do be aware that if your event creates a lot of smoke, annoyance to other users of the garden, or if you haven’t let us know about your event in advance and paid the requisite fee, you will be asked to stop.

Call or email to register your day.

Party Fees

There is no charge for gatherings of up to 10 people.
After that the following fees apply:

  • Up to 25 guests = £50 (+ £50 deposit)
  • 25 – 100 guests = £100 (+ £100 deposit)
  • Any BBQ’s regardless of the number of people = £100 (+ £100 deposit)
  • Over 100 guests on application
  • Any request must give 48 hours notice

It is recommended that you contact the Westminster Licensing Team to inquire about a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) – particularly if you are playing music. There is a charge for the TEN. You will also be required to sign a waiver that relinquishes the KGSGA of any liability.

Please also note that you cannot sell alcoholic beverages without obtaining a license.