This is the finished product.

It was made in the Spring of last year.

Proper compost should be dark and friable – crumbly and smell like ‘earth’.

If you dig inside it you will find it full of life – worms, centipedes etc.

Pick some up and examine it using the fork and spade provided.

This is concentrated fertility – ready made worm food with high levels of plant available nutrients.

We scrape off the sides and top and recycle this into the next compost heap.

If you look to the bin on the far right, this is what this compost looked like one year ago.

Note the twigs inside this heap. We also recycle these into the next heap and by next year they will have rotted down and be unrecognisable – just as the leaves of one year ago have become compost that is ready for use today.

When its ready after one year we spread it on the beds. The plants respond really well to it.

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