"…the measure of any great civilisation is in its cities and the measure of a city’s greatness is to be found in the quality of its public spaces, its parks and squares."

John Ruskin


Welcome to the official web site for the communal gardens in Kensington Gardens Square, London W2.

This site has been established to provide important information to people interested in the gardens, how they are managed and how to enjoy them. The gardens are for the benefit of the residents of Kensington Gardens Square and have provided many generations of residents invaluable tranquillity in one of London’s busiest neighbourhoods.

The committee of the KGSGA (Kensington Gardens Square Garden Association) would like to encourage active use by all residents, so a major focus of this site is to explain how to become a key holder. Please enjoy reading the information about the gardens and we hope to welcome new key holders throughout the year.

KGSGA Committee


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Garden information

KGSGA Annual General Meeting 2017 – minutes
The 2017 Kensington Garden Square Garden Association Annual General Meeting was held at St Matthews Church Room, St Petersburgh Place,
Read more.
KGSGA Annual General Meeting 2017
ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2017 _______________________________________________________ Our Annual General Meeting 2017 will be held on: Monday 27th November at 7.30pm at St
Read more.
Worm farm
Worm Farming in Kensington Gardens Square
What is a worm farm? A worm farm is a place where worms can live and breed, safe from predators
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Plastic :-(
Each week we collect a phenomenal amount of plastic in this garden that blows in off the streets and especially
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owl nest
Wildlife Habitat
We provide nesting boxes for birds and plan to add additional nesting boxes for Pipistrelle bats (Pipistrellus spp.), which regularly
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Additions of Tree Chippings & Mulch
We are now adding 30 cu metres of tree chippings annually to act as a mulch over the surface of
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Hot composting (1)
Hot composting (1)
This is compost made last Autumn (October 2016) using the leaves collected and stored in the Autumn of 2015. This
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Hot composting (2)
Hot composting (2)
This is the raw ingredients for our next compost heap that will be ready in the Spring of 2018. It
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Hot composting (3)
Hot composting (3)
The amount of water we add is critical to the mix in allowing even and rapid heating of the compost
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Hot composting (4)
Making proper compost is much like baking a cake. It’s a balance of wet and dry ingredients with each ingredient
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Finished product
Hot composting (5)
This is the finished product. It was made in the Spring of last year. Proper compost should be dark and
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Ecological Restoration of Kensington Garden Square (‘The Large Garden’)
The ecology of this garden is being restored via a management regime designed around a policy of nutrient recycling –
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Garden parties

Parties and barbeques are required to be booked in advance. We are happy for such gatherings to take place in the garden however we stipulate that all parties or BBQ events are booked and the requisite fee is paid in advance (see below). The fee includes a refundable deposit to cover the cost of damages should there be any problems. We request your BBQ unit is placed on the gravel, not the grass and all rubbish is removed afterwards, all tables and chairs returned to their original positions. Do be aware that if your event creates a lot of smoke, annoyance to other users of the garden, or if you haven’t let us know about your event in advance and paid the requisite fee, you will be asked to stop.

Party Fees

There is no charge for gatherings of up to 10 people. After that the following fees apply:

- Up to 25 guests = £50 (+ £50 deposit)

- 25 to 100 guests = £100 (+ £100 deposit)

- Any BBQ's regardless of the number of people = £100 (+ £100 deposit)

- Any request must give 48 hours notice

It is recommended that you contact the Westminster Licensing Team to inquire about a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) - particularly if you are playing music. There is a charge for the TEN. You will also be required to sign a waiver that relinquishes the KGSGA of any liability.

Please also note that you cannot sell alcoholic beverages without obtaining a license.

For enquiries, contact: Garden Committee

Garden calendar and availability:

February 2018

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This calendar displays the confirmed Kensington Gardens Square bookings.

For enquiries and bookings, contact: Garden Committee

KGS Garden Association committee

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